Online payment

Quick and secure payments

Online processing of payments for research materials has the benefit of immediate availability of project material on successful transactions.

  • Easiest method
  • Automatic confirmations
  • Immediate download


STEP ONE (Order Confirmation)

On the product checkout page click on "pay with interswitch webpay".

This will generate a unique transaction reference which will be used in processing your transaction on the Interswitch network. Click on the "i confirm my order button " to proceed with your payment.

STEP TWO (Card Payment)

Clicking on the order confirmation button redirects to a secured payment page where card details are entered.

On successful or failed processing of the transaction you will be automatically redirected back to our order confirmation page where we will carry out some card processing to ascertain the status of your transaction.

STEP THREE (Product Download)

Step three should be carried out if the transaction was successfully processed, other-wise "step two" should be repeated . On a successful order , you will receive an email with he download link(s) for the product(s) purchased, alternatively after confirmation of your order click the profile icon on the top nav of the page and select " my orders " button.

On the order-history page select the "order link" to view the order details , then click the "product link" to download the research material.


The debit card should be activated (if not already done) for online banking services by the issuing bank.

This is very important

Payment for more than one research material in a single transaction is possible.

gets you more value